The Kitchen....
behind the scenes workhorse of every dining establishment; the part your guests may or may not see yet paramount to the success of your operation and a huge contributor of customer satisfaction. It must be rugged, reliable and systematically organized for optimum work flow.

Smart Solutions for         

                                 Commercial Kitchens

What are the objectives for your new or existing commercial kitchen....

To offer a variety of healthy choices and built-in flexibility at your campus food court?

Prepare room service meals for your hospital patients and support your cafe in a restaurant-like atmosphere?

Create excitement with sleek display cooking stations and easy to use self-serve areas to attract and maintain your corporate clientele?

Cook mass quantities and hold for distribution to satellite kitchens?

Feed your high school students in 30 minutes or less?

Increase efficiencies in work flow, energy consumption and labor? 

Make the most of a small space and tight budget?

We offer solutions for all of our client's design challenges, large or small, new construction or remodel. 

An efficient operation starts with a sound kitchen design.